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WWE RAW Results February 3 2020

WWE RAW Results February 3 2020

The event of Monday Night wwe RAW Results February 3 2020 was highly overwhelming and unexpected as there was an extreme snowfall in Salt Lake where the event was organized. There were rumors that the show might get canceled. Vince McMahon the CEO is not a person who would consider this option of cancelation of the show. However, the circumstances became unexpected and no one had an idea that what faces might they be seeing in the ring. In the previous week, Randy Orton was scheduled to explain his action regarding Edge but no one knows if he would still be there and would be able to do so or not.

WWE RAW February 3 2020

The Monday Night RAW event began with the preview from the main event of the show held a week before in which Randy Orton harshly attacked Edge as a result of which he got badly injured and at the end of preview viewers get to see a video of Edge being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Loud boos from fans made Randy Orton come to the ring and he leaned onto the rope and even the boos in disapproval did not calm down so he stood up onto the rope and posed and did the same going to the other corner of the ring and then said that he is answerable to everyone for his actions and he owes an explanation of everything that has happened between him and Edge. The moment he has begun to utter something the boos got louder and feeling the heat being increased Randy Orton threw the mic on the floor and went away saying he cannot do that. Such spirit has never been seen except the moment when Reign beat Taker in WrestleMania.

We also get to see a few highlights from the Royal Rumble focused upon Brock Lesnar and Myclyntre. The excitement level gets increased as spectators get to know about Ricochet facing Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in Triple Threat to determine number 1 contender to Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown of which Ricochet is an evident winner. According to the schedule of the event, there will be a rematch of a match previously been held known as the 6-man elimination tag team match.


Coming after the break the show began with Lana and Liv Morgan’s fight. With the ringing of the bell, Liv smacked down Lana due to which she broke her wrist. Liv was taken aback by the doctors by Lana attacked her and made her face a neck submission. Lana knocked down Liv by the head and gloated to the audience dwelling on the misfortune of Liv Morgan with her malignant pleasure. Liv Morgan came back into action and hits back Lana double knees. Moreover, she also hit her with reverse STO and scored the quick pinfall.



The game did not end between the two till the new surprise got revealed in terms of the return of Ruby Riott. The bell rung and Ruby Riotts theme played as soon as Liv went to greet her with a hug Ruby hit her hard and slammed her down. Ruby Riott hit her as she tried to get up again she also freed her right hand to hit hard at Liv’s back. Ruby Riott satisfied herself unless she left the ring by hitting her. The rest was done by Lana because after Ruby left she picked Morgan and slammed her again.


A few production faults could be observed during the fight that is enlisted below:

  1. Liv Morgan entering on Lana’s graphics.
  2. Turning off of lights in the ring without any reason.


Returning for the commercial back we got to see the playback when Drew Mcklntyre hyped up Brock Lesnar to accept the challenge of a match in WrestleMania. On coming to the ring Drew found his opponent already standing there the one and only Mojo. Drew Mclntyre first showed his gratefulness towards the audience by praising the efforts they might have made for coming to the show. Meanwhile, he began to discuss his fight with Brock Lesnar in which he mentioned that Brock Lesnar was afraid of him enough that he attacked him from behind and also commented that though he is huge and strong and has the Claymore kick to smash him down. After the following commentary, he turned back to Mojo and said he did not remember he was there and it would just be a matter of three seconds for him to knock him down.


The bell rung and Mojo who was talking to Moss standing out of the ring got punched with a Claymore Kick even before taking his jacket off.


Charly Caruso interviewed Buddy Murphy and AOP backstage. Buddy comments on Kevin Owen and Samoa Joe in a way that they are not thinking and acting in a smart way he also mentioned his excitement about Monday Night Messiah. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins comes in and asked him to go get ready for the match since it’s important for him. Charly asks him about the Triple Threat, Seth Rollins calls life funny because he has got his second chance and he wants to avail it. He also mentioned his achievement of beating Brock Lesnar twice and that how much Drew likes him. Seth also mentioned that he needs now to prepare himself for the Monday Night Messiah.



The match began with Kevin Owens and Murphy where Kevin Owens slammed Murphy later Ivar and Eric tagged in and after hitting a section and body-slamming we are lead towards a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

After heading back to the show after the break we get to see Ivar and Rezar in the ring and Ivar hitting hard into his face makes him get into one of the corners later Eric is also tagged in and they both team up against Rezar. Eric hits Rezar until Rezar tags in Akam and Buddy later. Murphy Buddy makes Eric laid down on to the ground and tries to hit him heel spin kick unless Eric hits a kick to him in return.

Eric tags in Ivar and similarly Akam is also tagged in. Ivar threw Akam out but then Rezar has come and slams him down also. With a huge clothesline, he brought Murphy down. Eric is tagged in afterward and he picked Buddy Murphy and knocked him down to the floor. He goes for it again but AOP intertwines. The Viking Raider has connected them and Ivar hits him with a suicide dive and so as Eric does. Ivar runs towards Akam but by the moving of AOP away he gets hit with the LED ring apron that went to fritz.

Getting an advantage from the distraction of referee Seth Rollins hits a curb stomp on Eric and throws him back into the ring where Rezar avails his chance to pin him. Eric gets eliminated and Ivar being injured is taken to the back by officials on the other side Murphy and AOP is in the ring whereas Kevin Owens has gotten onto the ring apron.

*Commercial Break*

Coming back from the commercial break we see that Kevin Owen is being beaten up by AOP and Buddy Murphy who throws him out of the ring and comes again to hit but is hit back by a fallaway slam in the barricade by Kevin. Murphy brings him back to the ring and makes it till the one count Kevin tries to defend himself but by hitting a calf kick Murphy reached till the two counts. Akam after being tagged in indulged Owen into a headlock. Owen fights back but Akam tags Murphy in again Owen catches Murphy with a spike later Aussie gets into the corner and tags in Akam again.     

Buddy gets tagged in and kicks Owen down later on Owen hits both Rezar and Akam and knocks them onto the Apron. Akam is hit by a cannonball after which Rezar runs towards Owen but he moved aside that lead Rezar to hit the steel steps. Murphy crosses the rope to hit Owen but he receives a Superkick. Owen after sending Murphy inside the ring tries to hit him a Swanton Bomb but as Murphy lift his knees the attempt of Owen resulted in Murphy climbing up and tries to leap on Kevin Owen but in return, Kevin ducks him he also hits him a pop-up powerbomb and gets Murphy eliminated by pinfall. Now Akam is getting into the play as he went to hit Owen and gets caught back into a stunner and is pinned down due to which he gets eliminated.

Seth Rollins comes into action when he runs into the ring and begins to attack Kevin Owens but after getting hit to the post he is kicked by a cannonball along with Swanton Bomb by Kevin; Seth was almost on a verge of getting a heart attack. Later Rezar and Seth attacked and trapped Kevin in a way that he lost.


Seth Rollins, Akam, Rezar, and Buddy Murphy give winning pose being in the ring whereas Kevin receives a standing ovation from spectators. Charly Caruso asks the importance of triple threat from Ricochet and he called it a shot for WWE Championship. He admitted that he does not have a team as Seth Rollin have but all he has is his determination.


With the ringing of the bell, the combat between Black and Young began with Young hitting Head-butts and Black swiping the leg that made him get an edge over Young’s strategy of winning the match later onwards Young received a couple of hits and finally getting hit by a switch knee and being thrown to the Black Mass he got knocked down.


After the match, Aleister stated a few things about what one should be. He also mentioned that one day he would kick the door of WWE RAW Results February 3 2020 Locker room and then he would prove it was done by someone who was asked to be whatever he wants to.

Then we get to see the recap of two months back in which Andrade hit Humberto and a week prior when Carrillo did the exact way with Andrade. On the other side Angel Garza, cousin of Hamberto and Zelina Vega came out. She said that Angel is not some hired hitman rather he is an NXT Cruiserweight Champion. Garza mentions himself as a leader of the family so that Carrillo would answer him for hitting Hamberto his cousin. This the point where the new rivalry began when Garza started to hit Carrillo with Hammerlock and knocking him down, Rey Mysterio jumped into the ring from Carrillo’s side.


After coming back from the break we see Angel Garza hitting Rey Mysterio applying a headlock that is in return concerted to a scissor lock by Rey Mysterio. Garza took Rey Mysterio’s pants off and hit his chest with a dropkick he bought him to the mat. Angel coming again to trip him onto the rope and to remove his mask but Rey Mysterio did not lose this chance for fighting back. He hit trapped him for 619 but this time Garza defeated himself and glided outside the ring making Rey Mysterio trip on the apron.


Returning from the break the spectators gets into a nail-biting situation when they see Re hitting Garza using a backbreaker but Garza threw him into the turnbuckle after that a series of hits namely moonsaults, tornado DDT, etc. went on until Garza connected the foot of Rey with a knee till the two counts and then final hit was that when Zelina Vega came in between and saved Garza from the 619 by Rey. Rey, later on, jumped on Garza outside but again got hit by his superkick after that Garza threw Rey into the barricade with concrete and went to hit him with a hammerlock but the referee called the bell.


Fans got disappointed the way match ended while Zelina and Garza walked off having a smug on their faces.


After the break, Charlotte Flair winner from the Royal Rumble 2020 announced that she will be facing in her next match that is WrestleMania. She mentioned that she has already beaten Becky and Bayley meanwhile Rhea Ripley came to the ring and said that though she has beaten both of them she has not defeated her yet rather Rhea has defeated Charlotte.

Sarah Schreiber talks to Lashley backstage and asks if he is disappointed to which he said that he is not disappointed rather both of them would celebrate when Lashley would win by beating Ricochet and Rollins because he is that man about whom he can make any bold statement. Spoiler alert according to that Lashley would face Brock and will defeat Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE RAW Results February 3 2020 Champion.


Both women get into a furious battle as Natalya tries to knock down Asuka but she defeats herself. Natalya lifts Asuka until two counts. Natalya comes back for the sharpshooter but Asuka slid out of the ring ad grouped up with Kairi Sane.


After the break, Asuka slams Natalya’s head onto the mat. Then she kicks it applying an armbar. Natalya tries to attempt to stand up and turns it into a vertical suplex. Asuka managed to run but a kick made her get caught again until Asuka tries reaching the rope and went outside she kept on facing Natalya’s extreme hits Natalya tries to bring her to the ring again but Sane distracted her and Asuka got a chance to apply the last lock where the game ended.


After the heated match, Asuka claimed that she wants to have a match with Becky meanwhile Becky entered the ring and said she would love to defeat Asuka again. Sane attempted to attack her from behind but Becky knocks her down outside the ring and also said to Asuka that she is ready for the match.


After the break Seth Rollins appears and first, he thanked and appreciated his team later onwards he said that he defeated Brock Lesnar earlier and he would so this time too but the defeat this time would be for another big reason and would be remembered for ages. Seth said that Drew would not face Brock rather he would face him in the WrestleMania and would go to fight in Monday Night Messiah. On the other side Ricochet and Lashley entered.



Ricochet fights both Rollins and Lashley while throwing Rollins out of the ring and pinning Lashley but Rollins kicks him. With a Hurricanrana Ricochet makes Rollins fall off again. Seth came into the ring making Lashley kneel outside he kept on torturing Ricochet. The action went on like that unless Ricochet went away from his Springboard off and Lashley also attacked him. 

Lashley delivers a double neck breaker to Ricochet and Rollins and threw Rollins outside then again went back to attack Ricochet but he kicked him after a dropkick from Ricochet, Lashley fell outside the ring. Lashley hit a tope to both Ricochet and Rollins and went back into the ring. Buddy Murphy came into the ring and knocked down Ricochet on the floor. AOP came and attacked Lashley from the other side Kevin Owen and Buddy Murphy gets collided into the ring other than that Eric also came and both Kevin and Eric slammed a steel chair on AOP.


After a lot of action going on among the three of them, Ricochet wins in the end by hoping up at the rope and hitting a 450 to win.


Ricochet upholds the title of being a number one contender who would face Brock Lesnar in the WWE Super ShowDown held in Saudi Arab. Brock enters and hits Ricochet with F5 and this is how the event ended. Keep Reading wwe Raw Results for Latest News Updates.

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