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The event of WWE RAW went overwhelming because it was a fire due to the fight between Becky Lynch and Asuka. The match was not expected and it started of nowhere but now there is a chance that it would be working as a progression towards WrestleMania ShowDown. Lynch had only one option of the opponent and that was Asuka because Shayna Baszler has not had her debut till now. In such a situation Asuka will have to beat Lynch in the Royal Rumble and Lynch would have to chase the title in WrestleMania.

On the other side, there is Kevin Owen and Samoa Joes would be indulged in a fight with Seth Rollins along with Viking Raiders. Soon we would be hauling our hair out of the exhaustion building up by the battle between similar individuals every time. Somewhere else today’s night Angel Garza will again appear with Zelina Vega and Ruby Riott will make a statement about her actions whatever she did to Liv Morgan last time. There is also a possibility that Drew McIntyre would answer back the actions of Brock Lesnar.

There is more to come. Keep watching to keep yourself updated.



The Monday Night RAW began with the Messiah of Monday Night that is Seth Rollins and his supporters already present into the ring. Seth Rollins welcomed everyone and after stating that how proud he is to be the Messiah he took the audience back to the footage of battle when AOP and Murphy defeated Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders cruelly. Seth Rollins mentioned that this is not yet done for Kevin Owens and his company since they meddled in between his match later that night and cost him a shot at Brock. Rollins stated that he wants to convey the message of harmony and peace and would not leave the ring until it gets spreader.

Meanwhile, Kevin showed up all alone on to the stage. Seth warns him to be careful as his companions are dropping away like flies. Seth also says to him that there is nothing he came to do more than that he can be a martyr falling all alone. To this Kevin replied that Seth always keeps on talking rubbish and it is his mistake that Owen is alone and a moment later Viking Raider was with Kevin. Seth then said that Kevin has never been into a problem when it comes to finding partners but to him keeping them is the main problem to this Kevin showed Eric and Ivar to him and said that they are too irritated of him.

Murphy and AOP ran towards Kevin, Ivar and Eric to teach them a lesson outside the ring but Samoa Joe came from behind and started beating up Seth. Murphy and AOP rushed to the ring to save their Messiah but Kevin and the Viking Raider wined it all up. Meanwhile, Becky and The Man come out and the four of these left the ring.






As the bell rung the two enemies grabbed each other Becky held the waist that Asuka turned into a headlock but Becky shot her and got dropped by the shoulder. Asuka triggered Lynch to the apron and that is when Kairi entered, Becky tried to attack her but she moved to allow Asuka to hit her with a hip attack and knock her down to the floor.


Returning from the break in the same raging scenario where Asuka applies an armlock to Becky and stomped her down. Becky tried to defend but Asuka held her in another hip lock. Becky elbowed Asuka and hit her with a heel kick. Lynch again kicked Asuka and for a 2 count, she hit her flying forearm. After a few reversals being exchanged Asuka Hit Becky with knee and a spine buster for the two counts. Becky threw Asuka into the barricade by her dropkick.

Becky got on the apron and jumped down but Kairi removed Asuka and received the shot herself. Asuka attacked Becky again and got her into the ring and connected a Codebreaker for the near fall. Later on, she took her to the ring post and as she was about to attempt a hip attack Becky fought back and applied disarm her over the ropes. After releasing Becky went for a suplex on the apron but Asuka defended it and Becky attempts to apply DDT on Asuka and both women fell during the action.




Coming back from the break Asuka hit Becky with a Superflex and attempts to apply an armbar but Becky turned over lifted Asuka and slammed. Becky climbed the rope to apply a leg drop but Asuka in return got her in the Asuka lock. Becky somehow manages to get her feet rolled her up for the two counts and by applying a Rock Bottom she finally won.


Soon after her win, Becky Lynch showed up her title but Shayna Baszler attacks her from behind and gave her a good beating until she lifted her in Kirifuda Clutch and threw her down. She then made it while biting up Becky’s neck with her gum shield and blood started coming off she tortured her unless the referee pulled her off. Becky was in severe pain.




We see Becky getting the medical aid at backstage and have been sent to the hospital.




Rawley attacks Dawkins and receives a dropkick. Mojo slams him in return and tagged in Moss. Dawkins slammed back Moss and tagged in Montez Ford who hit him with a frog splash and wins.


After Profits left through the crowd, Riddick lifted Moss who in return pinned him down. Moss is the all-time champion.

On the other side, we get to see Becky resisting to be into an ambulance but later she agreed and shoved off female paramedic and began to drive the ambulance on her own.




For the first time in ten years MVP comes to the ring for the first episode of V.I.P Lounge. MVP welcomes everyone to the show and says that he can never think of anyone better being in the show than the one who individually defeated Brock Lesnar. Meanwhile Drew entered along with two more guys holding clipboards and a red rope. On being stopped from going up to M.V.P he crossed the rope and got into the ring to hug M.V.P.

M.V.P states that he is happy for Drew as they go a long way together on the same street. He advised Drew to focus more on the prize and not to the ones who discourage him. Drew in return says that there is a catch between him and M.V.P and asks M.V.P to bring it to the limelight but M.V.P asks him to look it into his eyes because he is sincere. However, some people say that Drew is not yet prepared to be the WWE Champion but they both can change that perception.

Drew asks for confirmation that whether both of them have won the Royal Rumble but M.V.P denies and he says later that he needs someone to assist him to which Drew replied that this is the trick perhaps he can be his advocate or his Paul Heyman. Drew then spoke about the difference between him and Brock Lesnar is that he does not someone else to tell him what to do. M.V.P got crossed at this statement and said he has never been an ass kisser but right now he is being one. Drew began to leave but M.V.P stopped him and said he needs him. Drew pulled off his shirt and attacked him with a Claymore Kick.

We get to see a replay of Randy Orton cruelly attacked Edge and now he would give a justification for his actions.


Zelina Vega and Angel Garza enter the ring with Zelina praising Angel Garza for being a true man as he beat up his cousin Carrillo. Angel Garza said that no man can ever be at his standard and no lady can resist him. Meanwhile, Carrillo came up to the ring and attacked Angel Garza unless the officials pulled him back.


The match started and Angel Garza hung onto the rope to keep Alexander away unless the referee pulled Alexander away but Garza applied a submission to him and sends him to the apron. Garza attempts to apply a Hurricanrana and Alexander in his defense lends him punches which makes Garza knocked down onto the floor but putting himself together again he defended the dive. Alexander threw him onto the steel stairs and brought him back to the ring. As soon as he went to attempt a dive, Garza caught him into a dropkick and ripped his trousers off to apply a Wing clipper and hence won.


Later we see Charly Caruso interviewing Rhea Ripley about waiting for an answer from Flair’s side but she said she never waits. Meanwhile, Sarah Logan interrupts and asks her who she thinks she is and she cannot just come to RAW and do whatever she wants to. Rhea counters back saying who she thinks she is and who the hell Logan is.




Backstage while Bobby Lashley being interviewed Lana interrupted and said that Bobby is always thinking about the same thing that Ricochet has snatched away his dream. Lashley exclaimed that Ricochet is a thief of his dream but he would bring him back to reality and he would not be able to make it to the Super ShowDown. Sarah Logan comes back again and mentions that if Rhea Ripley wants to know who she is than she is Sarah Logan and she called her off for a battle saying that she would defend her title. Meanwhile, Charlotte came to see the match.


The match started in full swing. Ripley hits Sarah with a short-arm clothesline while continuously keeping an eye on Charlotte. Ripley finally hits her a dropkick and with a Riptide she won the match.


Rhea after winning the match asks that when will she get an answer. She stated that Sarah invited her for the battle in the NXT championship at WrestleMania but she came to RAW and still left unanswered. Charlotte too did not answer when she came to NXT. Flair believes that maybe the Queen glides this way. Moreover, no clue would Rhea be the NXT Women Champion?



Ricochet attacks Lashley but he turns the tables by taking the control. Ricochet jumps over Lashley but he drops him with the shoulder. Lashley lifted him but Ricochet defended and got dropped onto the aprons. Ricochet knocked down Lashley out of the ring by applying Enziguiri and springboard clothesline. After applying a suicide dive he brought back Lashley again into the ring. Lashley swings but missed the hit while Ricochet sends him outside and he hit the tope.


Lashley hits him hard that Ricochet gets into the rope later he tried to pull him off the stairs but receives a Moonsaults in return. Back into the ring Lashley knocks down Ricochet from the rings and sends him to the ring post. Then he goes outside and sends him back to the ring hitting a float over suplex for two counts. Ricochet in his defense hits a leaping kick.

Later onwards Ricochet hits a dropkick and sends Lashley to the corner. Then with the shoulder tackle, he smashed him down to the apron. Made a near fall by applying a shooting star press and springboard. Then he hits Lashley with a back body drop but Lashley hits him with a spine buster and puts him onto the rope. Lashley again attempts to hit the super back suplex but this time Ricochet landed on his feet and make him receive a dropkick. Ricochet hit a 630 splash and won the match.


Coming back from the back Randy Orton will explain his actions.


Coming back live we see the viper, Randy Orton enters the ring whereas there is an echo of boos for the two before saying anything else Randy confessed that his act has hurt him more than Edge. At the moment he got interrupted by Matt Hardy who said that before everything else happened between him and Edge they were best friends including Jeff and Christian. And that he wants to hear the explanation.

Matt reminded that he invented TLC and the four kids snatched away the title at WrestleMania. But all his hate vanished away when he got to know that Edge was forced to get retired. In so many ways he said that he and Edge are similar as they both love Wrestling and performing in the WWE Universe. After 9 years when he finally realized it, Randy took this dream away from Edge. He asks Randy about any problem he might have Randy Orton attempt to hit an RKO but Matt defended himself and hit him in the gut. They exchanged a few hits until Randy Orton hit an RKO and grabbed two chairs placed Matt’s head into one and did the ConChair too.


Ricky Riott is being interviewed at backstage and is asked about her animosity with Liv Morgan to which she said that Liv Morgan follows her and once they were best friends but Liv Morgan is a puppet as she mentioned her and she must know that when Riott says she would strike she does it.


After the bell rung, Black kicked but missed the chance to hit Tozawa and the dodge game went off for a moment unless Black shrugged off Tozawa and then later he sends him to the corner but he kicked him back with the missile dropkick. Tozawa hit the rope but Black caught him. Black lifted him up and with hitting a Black mass he won.

WINNER: BLACK ALEISTER                     

After winning the match Black expresses that he feels good about these moments to him they are intimate. And he also spoke of his mind which makes him think that he is in a cage and would make everyone who comes up to battle with him trapped into the same cage with him

Meanwhile, we see that the ambulance has come back with Lynch into it and her neck being tapped up.


Becky Lynch comes up to the ring in fury and she said that Shayna has messed up with her by biting her up to seek the attention and she would not leave her rather she would beat her down and the one being with her so she better watch herself out.



An announcement has been made that there is going to be a Tuwaiq Trophy match in Super ShowDown including AJ styles, Eric Rowan, Bobby Lashley and many more.

The main event is on the go featuring the four. As Seth Rollins began to speak anything further he was attacked by Kevin Owen. Moreover, all eight of them hauled outside and there comes a break.



The match gets started and we see Eric handling Murphy. Samoa Joes tagged in and hit Murphy to the ropes and delivered a shoulder kick. Owen tags in and gets Murphy to receive a splash with crotch chops to Seth Rollins.

Eric and Ivar slam themselves onto Murphy. Akam tags in and caught Eric into a Spine buster. Rezar teamed up with Akam and delivered a knee hit Seth Rollins joined and attempted a sleeper hold.

Murphy came in and beat Eric and knocked everyone to the apron unless he tagged in Ivar who slammed him down with the shoulder and turned him inside out with a lariat.


Murphy stomps Kevin and threw him outside distracting the referee. Then Rollin cheap shot Kevin onto the floor AOP kept trying for keeping Owen alone. Murphy takes a chin lock on Kevin but this time he fought back and punched Seth Rollins onto the apron.

He tagged in Samoa Joe. The gigantic creature caught Seth Rollins into an atomic drop. Seth rolled to the outside while AOP got onto the apron as Samoa attempts a suicide dive. Eric and Ivar beat them up unless Samoa and these two attempts suicide dive.

Samoa Joe brought Seth Rollins back to the ring and hit him unless Rollins hit back an urinage. Everyone gets into the ring. Meanwhile, Oven jumped off the rope for a sentin. Samoa Joe caught Seth Rollins into a Coquida Clutch but Murphy had his back who hit Joe with a springboard. Joe caught Murphy into the Coquida Clutch and tapped but AOP diverts the attention of the referee and there Seth hit Joe with the stomp whereas Murphy pinned him down to win.


The Monday Night Messiah and his supporters made a quick retreat up onto the ramp.

So these were all the glimpses from the previous Monday Night RAW keep you intact for more updates.

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