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WWE released a trailer for the people of Philadelphia the advertisement featured 6 names that would be there in the Elimination Chamber match. This sounds to be a spoiler but the story is not what it seems to be, it seems more like they did not release it according to some serious planning. Because there is a probability that it was just a trick to sell more tickets to the fans of Philadelphia.


“Yeah, so the six names that were announced that was just a line-up — this is going to sound so ridiculous, but you know what I mean — it was a line-up sent to sell tickets, but they hadn’t decided. They’re going to have an elimination chamber. The winner which is likely going to be Roman Reigns is gonna face Bray Wyatt for the championship at WrestleMania, but who the six names are [in the Chamber match] they just threw six names there.”

“It’s like it might be those six and it might be other guys, Roman Reigns is obviously going to be in there. It very well might not be Bobby Roode [in the match] it was just like ‘send them six guys,’ but who the six people are they just threw six names there.”


Deve Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio mentions that the 6 names mentioned in the advertisement are just to make people buy more tickets out of excitement. However, there is still a certainty that the list would be the same or WWE has planned something else. This is quite clear that Roman Reigns would be in there winning the match. He would then appear in WrestleMania 36 where there is an evident chance of him being in a match with The Fiend to win the title.


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