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At the end of the last stop of NXT TakeOver, we would be able to determine the name of the one who would take this whole new energy to the next level for the first time in the history of NXT this coming Saturday. First in the list are Lio Rush and Angel Garza previous WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champions who will revitalize the combat as they would face each other to determine the #1 contender for NXT Cruiserweight Championship of Jordan Devlin.

Dakota Kai is looked forward to gaining more energy as she heads into the street fight with Tegan Nox when she takes on Candice LeRae who was previously a friend of hers. LeRae is looking forward to teaching a lesson to Dakota Kai but let’s see either she progress in doing so or Kai would handle her with her secret tactics. Japanese sensation Kushida will seek his revenge with Adam Cole a WWE NXT Champion. Kushida is one of those NXT superstars that were mortified by Undisputed Era a week prior when they went on a tear behind the stage searching, Tommaso Ciampa. Kushida is expected to see retribution against the NXT Champion Adam Cole this evening.

On the other hand, Johnny Gargano has requested a match against Cameron Grimes and the match has been allotted by William Regal. Gargano has made up his mind to win these matches before comes into combat with The Prince Finn Balor. Also, we would see that the impacts of Velveteen Dreams return the last week. There were a few fallouts as a result of this arrival. Let’s see what will be the possible effects of his return on the card for NXT TakeOver to be held in Portland this week?


Mauro Ranallo tells us that there is a match of Kushida vs. Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes is on the card for today. Meanwhile, Roderick Strong came to the ring and informed us that he did not mean to get personal but Velveteen Dreams took it personally he is not there to talk about Undisputed Era and North American Championship. However, he said he demands an apology. Bronson Reeds instead of Dreams came to the ring and asked for a match with Roderick Strong.


Right after the match gets started with Reeds taking down Strong into an episode of power slams, energetic strikes, and elbow hits. Strong defends Reed with a kick and took him to the corner but Reed attacked back with a head-butt this time. Reeds tried to chop Strong he defended himself. However, Reed gets grip of him again and hits a sidewalk slam. He folded Strong’s shirt over his head and gets him to the corner.

Strong corners him this time but Reeds hit him with a head-butt. He smashed Strong down and whipped him hard into the corner. Strong kicks out for 2 counts. Reeds tried a suplex but Strong fought back and hit his back. Reeds caught him into lariat turning him inside out for 2 counts. Followed by a bunch of kicks and massive hits, in the end, Reed, in the end, hit a tope on Strong and tossed him back into the ring as he fell off when he distracted him. Reed attempted a dive but Strong pinned him down with a knee for a 3 count.



While Strong celebrated his ring. Velveteen Dream appeared and tells about his emotions when Undisputed Era took away his career from him and asks Strong if the same would have happened with his family. The dream showed a picture of Strong’s wife and child with Velveteen to which Strong got mad.

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