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There is always a chance that once there is something that is decided for the WWE SmackDown would be changed or is thought to be changed sooner or later. Vince McMahon is always up to make several changes to the cards and alters the matches in a way that fans are always obscure about. Fans see an event going on to the track but it always turns out to be heading towards the one the fans might have never thought of this phrase is specifically quoted by Dave Meltzer in terms of the change in the matches WWE has recently made.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio he reported that WWE has changed two most important matches that were to be held in the WrestleMania. He made this statement that every time anything has been decided by WWE is not the firm decision rather everything they say are just words that they can alter anytime later. One of the matches that have been altered is the match between Bayley and Naomi as per the claim by Lacey Evans says that there is a Blue Brand Elimination Chamber Match that has not been announced yet. Dave Meltzer further stated that not just he but there are many people out there who believe that anything arranged for an event does not remain constant.


“Yeah, the SmackDown side of things I would say that either every match on the SmackDown match is going to change or is in danger of changing. I don’t think there’s one that’s solid anymore as far as the Mania thing goes. I head that everything’s up in the air on SmackDown. I heard the same thing from several people.”

“What that means I don’t know. I mean when I look at Bray Wyatt if Wyatt beats Goldberg then who else is he facing? I guess it could be Cena, you could put him heel, but what heels would he go against? They’re definitely pushing Sheamus. I suppose you could put him against Braun Strowman. You could. I guess you could. He’s been protected.”


Dave Meltzer expressed his thoughts further by saying that if Bray Wyatt defeats Goldberg who would be the he would face next? He thinks it would be John Cena but what further he would face? He believes that WWE would put Sheamus into it as he is safe till now and would be put against Braun Strowman. It was elaborated that John Cena might face King Corbin since the match would give him a chance to punish Kurt Angle and there are fans who probably want to see John Cena with Kurt Angle after Corbin ends his career.

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