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WrestleMania is just round the corner and WWE is not yet up to any final decisions regarding certain matches that the fans are enthusiastic about. WWE has this quality of making changes when the event is almost at hand and this time too the fans are aware of the chances and the facts that there is something cooking up which would be different from what the company has previously said about. There are certain matches that were mentioned onto the cards but now there is the possibility of those cards undergoing a change.

“The way I had it listed the main event is no longer on the card.”

“A lot’s changed. The only two matches that I’ve written about that have changed and I was told that they were changed are Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns and John Cena and Elias. I believe there are four or five matches that have been changed.”

According to the information reported by Dave Meltzer via the Wrestling Observer Radio the match that was to be held between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt also the match between John Cena and Elias is not mentioned on the cards any longer. He has also stated that the information he published lately is not what the event would be like. Basically most of the changes have been made in the SmackDown but there is one change that is made in the RAW brand also. There are a total of 5 matches that has been rescheduled according to the changes made by WWE but the changes are expected to increase the curiosity about the event.

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