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A warm welcome to the live Ringside News. The premium broadcaster of the WWE RAW results. Today’s updates are about the latest results from the faceoff of Survivor Series. RAW won over SmackDown with the score 4-3. The only proclaimed match of tonight will present Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss going head-to-head.  The clash caused by the presence of The Fiend’s Bray Wyatt and Alexa striking Nikki the previous week has been a reason for the enmity between the once best friends and Women Tag Team Champions.

Moreover, chances are that AJ Styles will have a word about the conquest followed by the victory in men’s five on five contest. The one and only survivor of the Women’s match is expected to carry on with her plan of action accompanying Nia Jax. All of this followed by more adventure happened in RAW.

To initiate with further proceedings lets first have an overview of the winning moments of Drew McIntyre claiming the WWE title last Monday.


Adam Pearce tagged along with the RAW men’s team is all set in the ring to begin with the clash. Pearce began with recapitulating with the happenings of the Survivor Series. Victory in such manner according to Pearce paves the way for anyone of the team to claim McIntyres WWE title. Every single person from the team will now be able to state the logic of being another powerful and deserving title holder.

Sheamus getting hold of the mic said that AJ styles being his competition is not even a question. Reminding the audience of the friendship between him and Drew, Sheamus congratulated Drew for being WWE champion twice. Following this he reminds that he was also the MVP of RAW.

As a reaction to this AJ snatched away the mic and said that Sheamus is playing the old good buddy card now to gain the title and claims himself to be the team MVP.

Keith Lee jumps into the discussion and mentions that it was his part to save AJ Styles from being terminated. Riddle leaves not a second to grab the mic and says that he actually pinned King Corbin. He further precedes with rhapsodizing about getting the ‘dope sword and crown’ and start putting forward the nicknames of RAW Team. The quarrel among everyone standing in the ring began the moment as Braun clasped the mic, distressed on being addressed as ‘last but not the least’ by Pearce. Being wigged out enough he gives headbutts to Pearce and with that we get switched to advertisements.

Coming back live we get to see New Day with The Hurt Business. They wish to have another WWE title shot. Cedric Alexander states that he reprobates sitting in the sidelines while New Day play the role. Alexander confidently stepped in demanding the title shot instead and despite New Day constantly declining it. It is due for anytime later. The challengers come forward followed accompanied with the champions.


Wood and Benjamin began with a takedown by Benjamin’s side. Presenting more of his amateur skills, Benjamin serves a knee to Wood’s shoulders while conquering the mat already. Two kick outs simultaneously and Suplex in cover is what Wood receives further from Benjamin.

While making an attempt to pick up the ropes, Wood again receive a kick to his face. Subsequently, Kofi gets a high knee hit by Benjamin. Heading back to the advertisements again we see champions being in full swing. Coming back live we see that Wood has finally came out of isolation by tagging in Kofi who rush towards Benjamin. Kingston comes up with a boom drop, since he has tried many a times to keep it away meanwhile dealing with the trouble in paradise. Kingston receives his own reverse in the crook as Benjamin reverses.

Both of them climb to the top rope where Kingston received a Headbutt. Kofi is then swindled off from the rope by Cedric. Benjamin and Kofi lands on the outside. Although Kofi grappled to get back inside the ring but gets counted on and with that The New Day claims the title. Before going for the commercials, we get to know that there is going to be the post-match. Because the MVP could not accept this loss of Kofi. Having said that the match began with Woods and Kofi coming back to the ring. And with that we are headed to a break.

Coming back, we see that Benjamin and Kingston have already started. Kingston springs over the top rope and lands with thud onto his left leg. Cedric being legal chose to pin while Kofi hit at 2 counts. Cedric tagged in Benjamin while targeting the already injured leg of Kofi with a submission. Bnejamin also target the same knee. Returning again Cedric aims for the left leg and tied it up in an Indian Death Lock. Followed by clothesline, Benjamin gets tagged in and is constant making an effort to break down Kofi’s left leg.

Cedric tagged back in as Kingston gets tugged to the Challenger’s zone. Two kicks alongside a drop kick to the knee is further served to Kingston. He runs away from Cedric and tried to tag in Woods but Cedric got hold of him again and tagged in Benjamin. Kingston struggled to hit a SOS but Cedric fails to reach to his partner as Cedric pulls him back with a chop block. Cedric began torturing his left knee.

Striking back Cedric with a high kick and thumping off Benjamin outside, Kingston fought back and tagged in Woods. Being in rage, Woods serves Cedric with a gorilla press. While Woods went off into the corner for more action, Cedric hit him with DDT from above the ropes and tagged in Shelton. Kingston got rid of the hold as Shelton tried hit an Olympic slam.  Things got simplified in the ring as Kingston broke the hold of Cedric. Woods reversed a powerbomb for the count of three as he hit a code red.


We get to see the scenario backstage where Pearce has been questioned about his experience of receiving a headbutt by Braun. He replied that he is doing good and Braun has had accompanied to the apartment. Pearce further mentioned that he would have fired Braun if this decision would have been onto him. Pearce has been asked about the great announcement he was supposed to make before this incident occurred. But prior to that being disclosed by him, Bobby Lashley U.S champion entered. She nudged Pearce that he is absolutely aiming for a title shot as he beat Sami Zayn the night earlier in Survivor Series. As the two gets into a discussion, we head towards a commercial break.

Coming live again we see Pearce backstage. He is questioned regarding his discussion with Lashley. Pearce states that he has made an enthralling manifestation. Randy Orton interrupted in between and with that we head towards the flashback to the announce desk. A recap from the beginning of Women Survivor Series is shown. Lana despite of not being involved in the combat came up as sole survivor.

While being interviewed backstage, Lana is questioned about her feelings about her achievement. She says it has made her feel extremely accomplished and has made her feel like being at the top. On being asked about her future strategies, she says for now she wants to take most out of this moment. Pearce on the other hand is asked about WWE Championship No.1 competitors’ situation. Pearce replies that after being indulged into the three singles matches the winners will be promoted to the triple threat to be held next week. Th winner of this will fight with Drew for the RAW Champion title. In the first match out of those three, Sheamus and Riddle are facing each other and that is to happen now.

Riddle has arrived already and Sheamus will soon too after the break.


Coming back from the break we see that the match has started Riddle tried to capture Sheamus in a headlock but Sheamus took him instead down with immense power. Later he applied a headlock. Sheamus cast aside Riddle into the corner and served a stiff knee along with a headlock. Sheamus is struggling to pin down Riddle. As Riddle tried to get back into the fight giving chops in the corner, Sheamus undauntedly hit him a clothesline. He further trapped Riddle into a hammer lock alongside serving him with head scissors. Sheamus is keeping up the balance and is responding to each of Riddle’s moves.

Riddle transformed and trapped Sheamus in an arm bar. He rushed towards the ropes to break the lock but Riddle held him firmly to retrieve his sufferings. Sheamus in an infuriated state heads back to the ring and hit Riddle hard with wild uppercuts and a suplex for near fall. Both hit firm shots but Sheamus got dominant while clotheslining Riddle out of the ring. Sheamus adds ferociousness to set in the motion but this time Riddle hits a suplex accompanied by senton within the ring for Near Fall.

Sheamus eventually gets strength and present Riddle with a big right hand and ten hits. Sheamus further implies an uppercut and Irish curse back breaker but Riddle back off at count of 2. Sheamus bangs the perished Riddle numerous times into the post but missed the hit once and got banged into the post himself instead. Riddle somehow get back into action and kick several times but Sheamus gained strength again and serves him with an Alabama Slam the moment we head to commercial break.

Brought back live we see that Sheamus hit Riddle with pump knee for the count of 2. As Sheamus head for more, Riddle got back the strength and an overhead kick along with a penalty kick and floating bro is landed towards Sheamus. He tried to hit with a top rope attack but again Sheamus got hold of him and hit a boss man slam for near fall.

Sheamus traps into a cloverleaf submission.  Riddle climbed the ropes and attempted the ten beats again, Riddle turned back with an improvised Kimora in the ropes. After further continuity Sheamus gained back the power with heel hook. Riddle covers with a left leg kick but fails as Sheamus aroused and kicked him out.  Sheamus fell down with a loud noise but Riddle kicked out. Riddle fell off before Sheamus could hit a Brogue kick.

Sheamus maligned to which Riddle reacted and served him a high kick. Riddle reversed as Sheamus tried to bang him with an electric chair. The switch to the dominance kept shifting from one to another but at last Riddle pinned Sheamus down for the count of three.



Backstage Lana and Asuka are engaged in a conversation. We get to see that Asuka has got an air of the news that Lana wants to challenge her but Lana says she has heard it wrong. Asuka inviting her up for one says she is always open to challenges and asked her to meet in the ring. She claimed herself to be the one returning to home holding up the title of RAW Women Champion. With that said we head to the break.

Coming back live we get to know that the challenge set up by Asuka has now become official and Lana will face Asuka for the title of RAW Women Championship tonight. With that we head towards the funhouse to Bray and Alexa.


Both introduced the segment is about friendships. Bray recalled to that Orton and him were once Best friends but how it turned off when Orton cheated him and became a cause of his destruction. As on queue a puppet frog appeared. Bray demanded Alexa to brief the puppet about how she is going to treat Alexa this night. Bray switched Alexa in the dark and she murdered the Frog with a mallet. Bray requested the audience to hold silence for a short moment for the frog and later in the end he said it is shameful that he passed on. Both Alexa and Bray started to laugh in the end.

We switched back to the ring where Asuka and Lana are all set to combat for the title tonight. The match will be live after the commercials.


Before the match could start both Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax showed up. They came just to watch the match.

As the match began Lana climbed off the rope to attempt a pin for near fall. Asuka stroked with a knee as she gained dominance. Asuka from the outside is being addressed by sarcastic remarks by Shayna and Nia. The tag champions attacked Asuka it resulted in a DQ.


Jax tried to carry Asuka through the table but Lana made this attempt fail. Jax got crooked and said she would like to have a tag match. The match will probably take place after the commercials.


Coming back live we get to see that Lana is tormented by Jax being thrown all over in the ring. Jax further taunts her while striking with a short arm clothesline. Jax tagged Shayna and she applied a neck crank and tagged Jax again. Lana is now being unstoppably taunted by Jax. Lana stroked back with numerous kicks but fails as Shayna gets tagged in. She hits her badly with a kick at the back and a partial Boston crab and lineated Lana’s leg in an uncomfortable position.

Lana grasps some strength and tagged in Asuka. Asuka faced Shayna with an immense attack comprised of double kick, high knee, back fist, suplex and a hip attack. Asuka came up again with a shining wizard but Shayna kicked out. She further blocked Asuka’s kick and tried for a high knee for near fall. Things got simplified as Lana dodged Jax and made her fall onto the announce desk. Asuka attacked from behind and hit Shayna and pinned her for 3 counts as she tried kirifuda clutch on Lana on the apron.


Backstage there is Riddle with the MVP. He expressed that he wanted to wish luck to Lashley for the match on queue with Keith lee. Riddle changed the topic and talked about business transactions with MVP like pizza yoghurt. MVP mentions that he does not relate with Riddle. He asked him rather to bring up more investment plans in a matter of few weeks. If MVP and company rejects Riddle’s plans in that case there will be some business. With that we head to the advertisements.

Coming back live we get to see the flashback to the moment Drew McIntyre was knocked down by Roman Reigns in Survivor Series.

Heading to the ring we see that Keith Lee has arrived and Lashley followed for their competent combat.


Both began to test each other’s strength to maximum giving a tough time. The dominance aould be shifted from one to the other continuously as both are equally powerful. Lashley trapped Lee into a head lock. Eventually Lee got freed of it and Lashley went up to the ropes to apply a shoulder tackle but Lee stood determined and firm. Throwing Lashley to the crook, Lee began striking with 2 big chops. Exhausted with the torments of Lee onto him, Lashley attempted to go for a flatliner. Lee kicked out at one. Lashley again tried to apply a hurt lock but Lee again dodged it. Going for a shoulder tackle and threw Lashley outside the ring.

Lee was about to dive the moment MVP entered. Displeased by his presence, Lee rushed towards him and that gave Lashley enough advantage to strike him as he gained the momentum. Lashley pushed Lee back into the barricade and threw him into the ring.Bringing him to the ring he threw Lee further to the posts in fireman carry position. Headed towards advertisements, Lashley having the upper hand.

Coming back live we see Lashleyhas attacked Lee’s right arm. While covering up he trapped him into a neck crank. Lee hits Lashley a forearm shiver as he got off the ropes. Showing his muscularity, Lashley jumped over Lee and hit a suplex. He further tried for a hurt lock but Lee pushed him off. Lashley sowed some mercy but Lee showing his muscularity jumped over him to gain dominance. Lee went off with two cross bodies on the outside and inside of the ring.

While Lashley being observed by the officials, MVP stroked Lee, he somehow made it up to the ring at 8th count. Lashley’s attempt of trapping him in a hurt lock failed as Lee moved out. Lashley reformed as a sleeper but Lee put it off and carried Lashley to the outside. In order to save his investments, MVP vame into the ring to attack Lee but eventually it turned out to be DQ win.


Backstage we see an overview of the recap in form a video that showed how Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross were bounded together in friendship once and how they fell apart. Nikki is being interviewed back stage about this to which she said that she never tore up with Bliss rather Bliss have always been the one calling it off. She further exclaimed that now she has moved on and has decided not to make more efforts to keep together and Bliss wants The Fiend.

Bliss further added that now she has given up on trying to regain Cross. Now she want to teach her a lesson and beat The Fiend out of her. On that note Cross head towards the ring and audience towards a commercial break.

Coming back live we see Bliss entering the ring.


At beginning it looked like Bliss is up for an adventure as she kept on teasing Cross in disguise of her jokes and kept attacking her side by side. Getting at odds, Cross hit her a clothesline and threw back Bliss into the ring. Bliss continued laughing as Cross continuously kicked her. She came up with a short arm clothesline as Bliss didn’t stop laughing. To teach her a lesson Cross smacked her head with the mat a multiple time. Cross tried for a cover but gets kicked out by Bliss. Cross cornered with Bliss with a trail of forearms. Bliss started to request from Cross to spare her. She started to cry as fear seemed to come over her. Both of them hugged each other but Bliss served her with Sister Abigail out of the blue and win but still kept laughing.



Coming back live we get to see that a video to tribute Undertaker is being played from Yesterday.

The main event is yet to begin so we head towards the ring where AJ styles has consistently battled Randy Orton for the grand results in the upcoming week’s triple threat. Orton made his entry already and AJ Styles will be there after the commercial break.


Coming back live we see that the show has already begun. Styles chose the cover straight up. Orton kicked it out as they both laughed at it. Styles went up the ropes but Orton made him receive an upper cut. Styles fell back accompanied with a drop kick and a shoulder crook shot. Styles came up with a cover. As Orton kicked it out, Styles attacked with the thumb to Orton’s eye that made him lose it and consequently he threw Styles out the ring.

Styles is further pushed by Orton to his bodyguard Jordan Omogbehin who put him on the apron so that he could be in the momentum. He hit a suplex and upper hand with the kick onto the announcement desk. While going to the commercials we see Styles being dominant. Coming back live we see Styles has been pushed to the corner. Both went up to the ropes but Styles chop blocked Orton and slid away. Styles aimed at Orton’s left knee for the Shin lock to grind down the giant.

Orton maintained his composure as he hit a big right hand. Style tried to defend with the calf crusher hit. Orton passed it threw Styles by his waist into the top rope. Orton came up to cover for a near fall. Orton aimed for suplex but Styles hit a chop block. Orton came up again with a neck breaker but rather hit with the knee. Orton tried for the draping DDT but in vain. As he rushed towards Styles his leg got suffered that gave Styles the chance to go for a calf crusher. Orton got up to the rope to break the control.

Styles regained the composure and with a power slam and hit Orton. Orton tried to apply and RKO but eventually Styles managed to reverse and hit an enziguri. Orton escaped the ring to avoid being pinned. As soon as Styles head outside, The Fiend’s music played. Orton got carried away for a moment but held back with a DDT. He tried for an RKO but right after the lights went off and The Fiends are just behind Orton’s back. Lights came back and we see Orton into a puzzled state whil AJ Styles grabbed the moment and pinned Orton using forearm.


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